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From the producers of the Academy Award Winning documentary My Octopus Teacher comes a feature documentary about our collective future on Earth.

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"We live on a live planet that can respond to the changes we make, either by cancelling the changes or by cancelling us. "
- James Lovelock
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The film

Going Circular dares to imagine a future where humankind not only survives, but flourishes, by rethinking global paradigms and respecting the limits of our planetary resources.

Meet four groundbreaking thinkers who navigate environmental, economic, and social crises of the modern age. They each discover that the solutions for creating a circular economy and planet have already been perfected in nature itself.

An Off the Fence production for Curiosity Studios in coproduction with ZDF Enterprises, ZDF and Arte. Executive Producers Robert-Jan van-Ogtrop, Thomas Anthony and Allison Bean. Produced by Ellen Windemuth and Sam Barton- Humphreys, Directed By Nigel Walk and Richard Dale.

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Going Circular

From the globe-spanning patterns of ocean currents to the microscopic cycles of a living cell, our planet sustains balance through circularity. Scientists, inventors, economists, and designers are increasingly finding that nature’s most fundamental rules of the biosphere may just be the solution to humanity’s collision course with the technosphere.

Photograph of James Lovelock

James Lovelock

For nearly 100 years James has never been far from the intellectual fray.

Gaia Theory - ridiculed as fringe metaphysics in the 1970’s - is now recognized as a lens to understanding our planet’s past, and a blueprint for predicting its future.

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Photograph of Arthur Huang

Arthur Huang

A true Renaissance man, Arthur seamlessly wields art, design, architecture and engineering to rewrite the human relationship with production.

Finding inspiration in nature's circular systems, his innovations are rewriting humanity's crash course with overconsumption.

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Photograph of Janine Benyus

Janine Benyus

Inspired by nature's interconnectivity, Janine is a biologist uncovering how biomimicry - the art of mimicking biological functions - can inform modern innovations.

From chemical formulations to economic models, and from product design to information technology, biomimicry brings nature's wisdom into the modern age.

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Photograph of John Fullerton

John Fullerton

A seasoned Wall Street executive turned impact investor and some say philosopher, John left the upper echelons of JPMorgan to pioneer the concept of Regenerative Economics.

He is convinced that future economic prosperity is dependent upon transforming our economies and finance into alignment with the patterns and principles of living systems, thereby unlocking regenerative potential.

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What is circularity?

In the same way your bank account has a limit, so too does the planet. Overdraw either and you start to go into debt. When we live outside our financial means, things go wrong on a personal scale. When we live outside our planetary means, things go wrong on a global scale.

When we reduce waste, minimize inefficiency, take only what we need, or repair instead of replace, we are being "circular". Whatever you call it - sustainability. Think Global Act Local, donut economy, regenerative economics, slow living. Cradle to Cradle - it all adds up to Going Circular.

Scales of circularity

Earth's natural systems have perfected themselves over millennia, reducing waste and maximizing efficiency. By mirroring nature's paradigms humanity stands to not only reverse our crash course with anthropogenic crises, but to flourish through economic and production models that are more resilient, profitable, and equitable.

Transitioning to circular systems requires conscious effort at multiple orders of magnitude. From individual daily choices to international policies, every person has the power to help humanity go circular.

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